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We are leading the way in the Aviation community developing interesting new apps for aviation English.

Our apps work on all Apple devices (iphone, ipad, itouch) and on all Android phones.


English Test Simulation for Pilots. Itunes   Android

Pilots can now practice for the ICAO English Proficiency test for pilots. This has app contains questions and answers that you can both read and listen to. There is also a function where you can record your voice, and play back.
Each test is divided into 4 sections,
Section 1 – General warm up type questions,
Section 2 – Describing pictures,
Section 3 – RT dialogues with comprehension questions,
Section 4 – Problem solving questions. Use this app to supplement your Aviation English language learning.
This app is a brilliant resource to practice test type questions before doing the test.

Aviation English-Portuguese Dictionary.  Itunes    Android

Aviation English-Portuguese dictionary.
Providing the translation for technical aviation vocabulary for English and Portuguese. Pronunciation guide for Aviation English terms.

Flight Attendant Announcements. Itunes    Android

An App for Flight Attendants. Practice your in flight announcements. With this app you can read and listen to hundreds of in flight announcements. The announcements are all demonstrated by native English speakers, so you can get an accurate pronunciation guide. You can also record your voice and listen back to see how you are pronouncing the announcements.



Simulados: Prova da ANAC: Pilotos e Comissários. Download it here in the itunes store: Itunes       Android

Simulados para o banca da ANAC para Pilotos e Comissarios de bordo.
Respostas e historia de teste sao dadas. Estudar com o seu celular e passar
na prova da ANAC, sem stress ou dificuldade!


We also have other interesting Aviation English Learning Products. Visit our products page.


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